The quest began while presenting my weekly show on my local community radio station.  I would choose a topic, then approach it from a number of perspectives, exploring the intersections of philosophy, science and psychology. I chose the theme of silence and ended up revisiting it three times over the years. Each time I discovered new perspectives and new ideas.

I was particularly fascinated by what at first seems to be something defined by “what is is not”, that is, defined as an absence of sound, or noise. And what’s more, it turns out to be something that can’t readily be experienced, or defined, or even measured.

My quest for silence had begun …

The quest had support. People were fascinated by the concept of silence. All those I spoke to were encouraging, so much so that they reserved their comments – rather than saying, “I think you should …” each person said something like, “I’ll be fascinated to see what you do with it”.  Of course that was the beauty of the quest, and the inherent problem … it had so many possibilities.

I listed down all the kinds of people I might like to speak with and then compiled a list of individuals I wanted to interview.  The first documentary In Search of Silence features three of my “must have” experts, so it worked out well from the beginning (and really could not have had the same presence of expertise).

I’ll continue the quest and produce short vignettes and further documentaries as I continue to seek out this elusive, ephemeral concept of … silence …

Michael is the Broadcast Manager for BayFM Community Radio in Byron Bay, NSW.  He is a former therapist and academic (SCU) with university qualifications in biology and sociology (UNSW) and psychology (UNE).  He also has qualifications in sound and digital content production from AFTRS.  Michael works as an online health provider, has his own weekly program mindwaves  and co-produces a nationally broadcast weekly podcast, the SoundMinds Radio Project .