• Louise Dodd (in the anechoic chamber)
  • Richard Gill (by telephone)
  • Guntis Sics (in BayFM studios)
  • David McAlpine (in David’s office)

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  • Thanks to funding from the Community Broadcasting Foundation [CBF]
  • Thanks to Hindenburg for Hindenburg Journalist PRO license


A heartfelt thanks to the following people who worked with the writings of others and provided different voices.

  • William Martin [John Cage, Gordon Hempton]
  • Saskia Schubert [The Voice of Silence]
  • Paris Schubert [Susan Sontag]


I couldn’t have shaped this piece without the support and critique of staff at the CMTO and CRN. A huge thank you to the mentors and critical listeners:

  • Kevin Klehr
  • Martin Walters
  • Andrew McLellan

And a big thanks to my original coordinators and mentors at the CMTO, particularly:

  • Nicola Joseph
  • Giordana Caputo
  • Sharon Davis and Marty for the workshops

Thanks also to:

  • Louise Dodd, Project Coordinator, The Australian Hearing Hub.
  • The Australian Hearing Hub for access to staff & the anechoic chamber.
  • Rudiger Wasser, William Martin, Dallas Rogers and Guntis Sics for training, technical mentoring and critical honesty, as well as their generous natures, allowing me to ask any question and be taken seriously.
  • last, but most importantly my family for witnessing the process, the trials and tribulations and ultimately the success of the project.